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Dining Note

December 31, 2019


Dining Note is an app that tracks meals so users can compare their progress towards various health goals, such as improving symptoms of diarrhea. Users click on the screen and can choose to provide notes for meals, snacks, drinking, and exercise. A calendar screen shows color-coordinated notes.



Dining Note allows users to take photos of their meals and exercises to quickly navigate through post history. They can note any details about the experience that may be helpful in the future, as well as where they were and who they were with. The app allows users to color code the events to distinguish between them while everything else in displayed in black and white. There are some questions and features that don’t seem relevant to the app’s analysis.



The calendar screen is the main feature of the app that allows users to add notes and photos for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinking, and exercise. If users note which days they have diarrhea, they can look back and see which meals could have contributed to their symptoms. By upgrading to the premium version, the user can change the color themes and get rid of the ads. There is a flair feature at the top of the screen where users can purchase decorative stickers. 



The calendar screen displays all the sections as days in a monthly grid. The stats feature breaks down the number of entries users have made by sections (meals and exercise). Color coding helps users distinguish between different sections on different days.



The app is displayed in basic black and white, with bleak color coding for calendar entries. This makes it hard to see the different limited functions it offers users for managing diarrhea. When making entries, the calendar prompts users to put who they were with. This doesn’t seem to have any relevance on improving meals or diarrhea through reflection. The premium version is available for $2.99, but the only advantages are being able to change what colors the sections of the calendar are displayed in and removing ads.

Mobile Apps

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