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Eat This Much

December 31, 2019


Eat This Much – Meal Planner first prompts users to create an account, then choose their preferred metric system units. Next, they can enter height, weight, age, gender, and body fat in their physical profile. Users can choose between three goals: lose fat, maintain, and build muscle. Users complete their profile by choosing activity level, diet, and allergies. 



Eat This Much allows users to carefully plan meals by analyzing calorie requirements for different goals and breaking them down. Users can browse different meal suggestions to find those which they like most. They can also monitor their meal stats and compare them to doctors recommendations for managing diarrhea. The premium version unlocks healthy grocery lists for $8.99, monthly, or $47.99, yearly. The small font and lack of differentiation makes it difficult to see all of the app’s features.


Target and Stats

The calendar screen displays the date, current targets, and diet stats. Current targets are the app’s suggestions for calorie intake, broken down by carbs, fats, and proteins. The diet stats are broken down in the same way by the different meal suggestions that day. If entries conflict with the goal of improving diarrhea symptoms, users can change individual meal entries or regenerate the entire day.



The “basic walkthrough” function offers an overview of the app’s features. On the calendar screen there is a helpful search feature for recipes, restaurant foods, branded foods, and basic foods. The targets and stats break down allows users to see how their calories for that day are divided. Then, they can be modified to better suit a diet for improved digestion.



While there are many customizable features in Eat This Much – Meal Planner, they are displayed in a plain-text, list format, making it hard for users to see how much they can really customize to improve diarrhea. The app doesn’t explain if the grocery list feature will be applicable to the meal suggestions.

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Eat This Much

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