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My GIHealth Tracker

December 27, 2019


My GiHealth Tracker is a free, 160.7 MB app that provides education and solution for various gastrointestinal (GI) issues, including constipation. The app is only available in the App Store for iOS 8.1 software or higher. My Total Health is the listed seller for MyGiHealth Tracker.



My GiHealth Tracker is an app that mostly teaches users about the causes of GI problems. While treatment suggestions are provided, the app seems to focus more on education. Through the app, you can identify and track your symptoms, monitor your progress, and better understand treatment options.


Identify and Track Your Symptoms

The Learn section in My GiHealth Tracker lists information on GI issues with content created by doctors. Since professionals are utilized for content creation, the information is more likely to be accurate. This page is divided into sections including symptoms, system, and treatments. 


Monitor Your Progress

Users can follow their progression of overcoming GI Issue in the Monitor Your Progress section. The app models the severity and frequency of your GI problem through an easily readable line chart. If your symptoms are increasing, helpful suggestions are displayed below the graph to guide you towards relief. 


Understand Treatment Options

The Understand Your Treatment page displays your particular GI condition at the top and tools underneath to help you overcome it. From the snapshot, it appears the apps lists medications for treating the condition and supplements that may also provide relief. While the treatment options can vary, it doesn’t appear that diet or lifestyle changes are suggested.

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