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Nutrition: Diarrhoea

December 31, 2019


Nutrition: Diarrhoea is a diary app where users can log meals and note their impact on the frequency of diarrhea. When the app opens, users are required to log in. It takes some exploration to uncover how to create an account. After an account is created, users must wait for it to be approved before they can access the app’s features. These include nutrition tips, health stat calculator, calendar, and diarrhea quiz. 



Nutrition: Diarrhoea offers a calendar feature where users can journal their meals and how they impact the frequency of diarrhea symptoms. The quiz feature is an educational tool that helps users learn about ways to reduce diarrhea. Users are prompted to complete a health stats profile with an interface that doesn’t register when sections are clicked. Then, it provides no explanation as to why it is useful to complete or how it is integrated into other features.



The quiz feature is very helpful in educating users about which foods help with diarrhea, why to avoid others, and the criteria for effectively analyzing stool. Results are displayed after the quiz is completed, indicating how many were answered correctly and incorrectly. The calendar screen allows users to enter their daily meals and make notes about how it contributed to diarrhea. This dairy feature can help users reflect on changes to make in their meal plans moving forward.



The app’s usability is poor. It takes multiple tries to click on different entry sections before it allows changes to be made. The nutrition feature is just pictures of a few generic “foods to help” and “which to avoid”. There isn’t even an explanation as to what they help and why to avoid the others. The calculator screen asks users to fill in gender, height, weight, and activity information, but doesn’t explain how they factor into mitigating diarrhea.

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