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See How You Eat Food Diary

December 31, 2019


See How You Eat (SHYE) Food Diary is a wellness promotion app that can help improve digestive issues like diarrhea. The app is free to download, however after 48 days the account will need to be updated to a premium version to enjoy all the features including a 42 day diary with reminders, meal planning, water tracking, and removal of ads. Users can choose a yearly plan for $24.99 or a monthly plan for $8.99.



As the app opens, a goals screen appears where users fill in the overall goal they wish to accomplish. A list of benefits is displayed. Three are already filled in and there is an option to add additional personalized benefits, such as improved digestion. The calendar screen shows sections for three daily meals and three daily snacks. The “Tips” screen is a single inspirational quote that changes daily. Under “Extras” users can find coaching videos, a nutrition workbook, and a social media linking feature. The app seems well organized and can be customized to help with diarrhea, however the interface is confusing when trying to setup the installation and registering for a new account.



In calendar, users can click on the meal or snack they wish to customize and take photos of their food. They can also change the time when they will receive reminders and add notes. There are additional benefits when users upgrade to the premium version, such as “6-Day-Share” and “Daily Water Tracking”. 



SHYE Food Diary journals users’ progress towards their health goals. The “Extras” screen has coaching videos. Under “Free Material” users can find a preview of the workbook by the app’s developers, available now for $27.99. Syncing with social media allows users to explore different posts and tips from developers and founders.



The app’s interface is slow and problematic. After clicking on different screens, the content takes a few moments to be shown, leaving users to think there may not actually be content and quickly navigate away. When the app opens it prompts users to log in, but it takes extensive browsing to uncover how to register.

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