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Emotional Causes

Emotional Causes

Emotional Causes

One very large component as a cause of diarrhea is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. And one theory behind why people get Irritable Bowel Syndrome is technically thought of as the brain-gut access, which means that anything happens that makes you nervous, anxious, worried, most patients end up feeling in their gut. They feel cramping, they feel gurgling, and a lot of patients end up with diarrhea. Many studies have been done over the years to see the exact connection between this. Many studies have seen that we have as many Serotonin receptors in our Gi tracts as we have in our brain, if not more. And the fact that anything that sets off that Serotonin, such as excitement, anxiousness, anxiety, that also sets off the motility in the bowel, which then leads to diarrhea symptoms. And that's very common.

Doctor Profile

Pedram Enayati, MD


    • Co-Director of Gastroenterology Associates of Beverly Hills
    • Has done extensive research on GI disorders, liver diseases, as well as liver/kidney transplantation
    • Author of numerous journal articles and abstracts, and has presented on a variety of topics both nationally and internationally

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